Unconventional Study Practices

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There are countless articles regarding how best to study and how to get the most out of your study time, but they don’t always consider that certain study patterns may not work for everyone. For example, sometimes you’ll need more motivation to revise for an exam then thinking of the end outcome. Perhaps you are motivated by rewarding yourself in the study process  or even absorbing more visual content.

Here are some unorthodox tips and tricks for you during your study period:

* Reward yourself – What do you love to eat? What do you do for fun? After each section of revision content, do something that makes you smile and come back feeling refreshed. Don’t wait til after the exam to treat yourself. Waiting til after you finish your exam to have fun may be a common practice but your goal right now is to persevere; motivating yourself in small ways as you go along is the best way to do that.

* Study where you sleep –  While many believe that studying has to be done at a desk or in a library, there are advantages to doing it in your most comfortable environment. Think about it. You are more likely to remember something if it is the first thing you read when you wake up and the last thing you see when you go to sleep. This doesn’t mean you should spend ALL day in bed, but certainly starting and ending your revision in bed may help with your memory. 

* Read off the screen – Although a lot of your revision content may be online, printing it off can serve to be a better way to limit your distractions. This is also a good idea as it makes it easier to avoid going on social media or other irrelevant sites during your time of study. However, if you really cannot avoid screens then check out some desktop apps such as SelfControl!

* Teach others –  The power of reinforcement exercises your memory bank and your ability to absorb all the important information your explaining. So not only do you end up refreshing your memory, but also your understanding.

* Play and record audios – Try going to sleep to the sound of your revision recordings. The brain works by memory rehearsal, which means it works by repetition. So contrary to the belief, you don’t have to be an auditory learner in order to learn through sound.



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