Our Elevation Networks Leadership Programme Participant gets nominated for an award

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Cruz Glynka, Maths Student Ambassador at University of Leeds

21 year old Cruz Glynka is a third year Maths student at University of Leeds, and a Think Big project leader. Committed to social change; he recently received a Social Engagement Scholarship for the work he does in his local community, and secured a place on the Elevation Networks Leadership Programme.



His project, Feed a Friend, provides a space to cook food that would have otherwise been wasted. What makes it unique? It focuses on education. Cruz aims to teach other young people how to cook nutritious meals using food waste, so that they can use their new found skills and knowledge in everyday life. The project not only uses the space to recycle waste food, but also brings members of the local community together to eat, make friends, and start conversations about the issue.

We asked Cruz about his proudest achievements so far.


“It has to be when a stranger came up to me and told me how inspiring it is to see young people take charge and help their community in a new and fun way. I was blown away by people’s reactions. I also received a big food donation from the University of Leeds after they heard about my project. I feel really proud knowing that my university recognise the work that I’m doing and want to support me.”


Cruz has developed stacks of new skills, particularly in project management. He has learned to manage a team of volunteers and develop new partnerships, as well as working within strict budgets and time scales. His digital skills have improved hugely: he now understands how to use social media to effectively promote his project and share regular content.


“Think Big not only provided me with funding to put my project into action, but have also given me the opportunity to meet lots of inspirational young people that are helping to make the world a better place. Hearing about other Think Big projects has enabled me to reflect on my project and make it much better.”

Keep up the good work Cruz!


Source: http://www.o2thinkbig.co.uk/be-inspired/stories/feed-friend-reducing-food-waste-through-friendship


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