2017: The year to do more

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Richard Kuti, Head of Youth Services, Elevation Networks


If you are reading this, you were probably drawn by the title alluding to the new year and the need to do more. It’s not completely outlandish to say that everyone sets a goal at the start of the year…lose some weight, read more books, see more people, see less people! Some people’s goals are to set less goals altogether… either way, a new year brings a sense of possibility, thought and whether you’d like to admit it, optimism. That all being said, when we move into a new year, it’s important to reflect on achievements and progress made during the previous year.

Last year, we achieved a lot at Elevation Networks. We marked many milestones (including our unofficial 10th birthday – yay!). One milestone we are proud of is having engaged just over 1000 young people with social action throughout the calendar year. For our team it was a remarkable achievement and one we were extremely proud to reach. Social action is at the heart of all things we do at Elevation Networks, and we believe that by young people taking part in social action projects and volunteering, they become more employable, more empathetic about issues that affect their community and are more able to create change within society later in their lives as leaders.


Naturally, when we started to plan 2017, our goal was to supersede our target, and thus the birth of our latest campaign was born – #1000andBeyond. #1000andBeyond is a campaign that ensures that we are taking all stakeholders within our network on a journey towards engaging significantly more young people in social action.


At Elevation Networks we are keen on encouraging more young people to realise the importance of social action and volunteering as ‎part of their development and journey towards adulthood. Thus far we have done this through our various programmes including; the National Citizen Service programme, the Elevation Networks Leadership Programme and the Great Debate Tour.

During a time when there are so many challenges facing society, young people of all ages can make a difference and start to ignite a change that we will see leak into the next generation through the projects and actions they take today.

If you share our vision for more young people to be involved with social action and volunteering, why not get in touch and collaborate to make this happen. We will officially launch the campaign in the House of Commons on Thursday 12th January with a host of guest speakers from our network.


Looking forward to working with many of you to make this happen. I’m truly excited for what lies ahead.

P.S Happy New Year!

Richard Kuti



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