3 Things I’m looking forward to for NCS Summer 2018

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Sophie Childs, NCS Assistant Programme Manager (Hertfordshire)

June is coming around quicker than we think and I cannot wait for the beginning of this summer’s NCS adventure! I’m Sophie, NCS Assistant Programme Manager for the Hertfordshire region. I joined the team back in May 2017 and have seen 2 programmes delivered with Elevation Networks.


The past few months have been the calm before the storm. We have been focusing on what we can improve and the solutions we can create to drive the programme forward this year. Although it may seem like our work is summer-based, there is no real downtime on the NCS journey – who would want there to be? We are always working out how to maintain our young people’s more engagement, motivation and excitement. We have also been looking at which charities our graduates loved and making connections with new ones this year.

1. New Opportunities

The first thing I am excited about is the activities, workshops and opportunities we are planning for our NCS participants. This year, we’ve built more connections than ever before and have amazing new opportunities for our young people to get involved with. We are currently working on creating a more engaging and beneficial ‘Money 4 Life’ workshop which ties in ideas of budgeting, saving money, bills, expenses, salaries, taxes and more! We are also looking into having First Aid classes, job interview preparation sessions as well as workshops which allow our participants to benefit the most from our Phase 2 curriculum. Our Phase 2 agenda is looking brighter than ever!

2. Our Staff

The second thing I look forward to for summer 2018 is getting to know our seasonal staff. With our assessment dates underway and our training dates set in stone, we are expecting just under 100 new additions to our Hertfordshire Summer team. We have of course welcomed back graduates from our previous programmes to come and work with us this summer. The experience and knowledge that our staff will have this year is going to go above and beyond expectations! I can just feel the most successful summer fast approaching!

3. Get Involved

Last but not least, the staff here at Elevation Networks are most looking forward to seeing the bright smiles of the participants who enjoy our programmes just as much as we do!


Overall, I do believe this summer NCS season is definitely one to get involved with. The NCS programme supports young people in an extremely important transition in their lives and teaches these young adults the lessons they don’t learn in class. Bring on the summer of a lifetime!


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Written by Sophie Childs

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