A day-in-the-life of a Sky Intern

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LinkedIn_logo_initials  Ola Otaiku, Computer Science student and Sky Summer Software Engineer Intern

Ola was a participant on our Student Leadership Development Programme (SLDP). He then went on to gain a summer internship at Sky’s Software Engineering Academy. Check out his story below!


Over the summer, I completed a six-week internship at Sky’s Software Engineering Academy. I discovered this wonderful opportunity at the Leeds Digital Jobs Fair, where I met a few Associate Software Developers who shared their journey and experiences at the company so far. These conversations inspired me to apply for their summer internship, where I could put the skills I had learnt at university into practice and gain further insight into life at Sky.


The application process was straight-forward and prompt. After successfully completing a situational judgement test and telephone interview, I was invited to an assessment centre at Sky’s HQ in Osterley, London. Each stage of the process is designed to establish your motivations for applying, and how you well you integrate into Sky’s culture and their core behaviours. This included demonstrating knowledge of Sky and its efforts to revolutionise the world of entertainment using technology. They also offered insight into how their existing systems and infrastructures work, how they could be improved and how they assist Graduates with on-going projects.


I would recommend for anyone who wishes to apply to the Software Engineering Academy to:

  • 1. Have genuine passion for technology and display this throughout the selection process.
  • 2. Research what Sky does as a company and understand how you align with their core behaviours.
  • 3. Visit their insight days, careers fairs and speak to employees about their stories.


A day in the life:

Sky’s offices remind me of being on campus at university; everything you could ever need is directly on-site. Besides broadcast studios and corporate offices, the HQ has its own gym, various restaurants and cafes, bike shop and even a post office! I would usually begin my day with a full-English breakfast from The Kitchen, (one of my favourite restaurants) before our daily stand-up where the team and I discussed our project progress with our scrum master and product owners  – deciding what features to implement next.


At Sky, they often partner with other developers to write code. This is known as pair programming, where one codes and the other observes – making suggestions to ensure there are no mistakes in logic, sequence or spelling. This is a great way to share knowledge and learn from one another. Sky develop software using agile methodologies, where cross-functional teams composed of analysts, product owners, and developers work repetitively to implement features over multiple short periods of time. These are known as sprints, which enable Sky to turn over projects quickly and ensure that requirements of the organisation are constantly met.


When we were not behind our desks programming, we would participate in other agile ceremonies (stand-ups, retrospective and planning) or attend meetings with various people across the company. Towards the end of each sprint, we would showcase our progress so far, where other teams watch us demonstrate our product.


Lessons Learnt:

Working in a fun, diverse and fast-paced environment, has enabled me to develop a greater understanding of agile methodologies and gain hands-on experience into life as a developer. My passion for technology has led me to realise the importance of diversity, by launching Xuntos. This is a non-profit organisation, which supports students from under-represented groups in the technology industry. Xuntos is a community for students, graduates and professionals to build relationships, develop their skills and learn from one another’s experiences.


Working for a company that played a pivotal role in my childhood as a household name has been an invaluable experience! It has given me the opportunity to learn and play around some of the technologies behind some of Sky’s products and systems. I would like to say a massive thank you to my team, who made my time at the Academy worthwhile. I’d also like to thank Conrad and Jenna for providing this wonderful opportunity, and their efforts and in supporting me throughout the internship.


What is the Student Leadership Development Programme?

The Student Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) is a year-long programme that supports students from non-traditional backgrounds that are displaying leadership potential, but lack the necessary networks and support systems to turn their time at university into an employment outcome upon graduation. Interested? Applications for SLDP 2018 are now open! Click here to apply.






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