Many thanks to all the Friends of EN who have supported us in the past and present, be it through simply becoming a member, volunteering yourself as a mentor or through sponsorship. We thank you for your wonderful contributions. Meet some of our Alumni:

Joanna Abeyie, 23
Since working with Elevation Networks Joanna has worked for the BBC, Pride Magazine and is currently working at Cosmopolitan Magazine. With so much experience in the media industry at just the tender age of 23 Joanna has worked with over 30 different publications. Joanna has also gone on to set up her own enterprise ‘Shine Media’. Shine Media has worked with BBC Magazines, The Guardian, ITN and Pearson Publishing.

Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka, 24
Arnold now runs an organisation called ‘Apom’ last year he worked in an orphanage in Ghana that taught the young children life skills and ran educational workshops. Along with all the empowering workshops that Arnold runs he also has a clothing line that is a part of the Apom organisation, “Me Firi Ghana”

Zaisha Smith, 22
Zaisha is in her final year of university and has secured a graduate role at Barclays Capital having worked with Elevation Networks to promote more representation of women within the financial industry.

Leeza Aslam, 21
Leeza’s role on the Elevation Networks Women Campaign introduced her to adding and building client relationships who would work to bridge the gap between under-represented groups and the corporate banking world. Her skills were set on securing sponsorship, networking, marketing, and representing Visible Women in professional atmospheres. Leeza then managed to secure a full placement at accounting firm, Ernst and Young.

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