Our Research and Development Team carries out high quality national research on the crucial themes. We seek to conduct research that addresses gaps in public knowledge and contribute to the development of evidence based policy and practice, to improve outcomes for students and young people. Our work provides evidence to support Elevation Network’s programmes as well as research knowledge to influence policy and drive social change.

Our Objective

Elevation Networks objective is to go beyond published statistics and establish the realities facing students and young people from under-represented groups in order to create shared learning amongst professionals, government and other concerned parties. To achieve this will we produce a series of reports that will each focus on the issues affecting our target groups.

Race to The Top 2 Diversity In Education

Race to the Top 2 is being released following the revelation that there is a huge under-representation of Black, Asian and Minority ethnic (BAME) people at every level of the academic profession.

Not only are there very few professors, but the challenges of recruiting BAME teachers is also found within secondary and primary education. In secondary schools there are around 46 BAME head teachers out of 1,300, equivalent to 3.6%. There are 439 BAME deputy heads and assistants out of 7,200; equivalent to just 6.1% (ONS). Over 1000 undergraduate students were consulted to try to establish the reasons behind this.

Read the full report here

Race to the Top: Black Student Experiences in Higher Education

In April 2012, we launched our first intensive research. The landmark Black Student Social Mobility Report is a research exercise that focuses on the experiences of African and Caribbean student’s in Higher Education and their outlook on employment as a result. The report aims to offer deeper insight into how and why this demography has significantly lower employment outcomes upon leaving university in comparison to the national average.

The report was first launched at parliament and then there was a corporate launch which was hosted by Deloitte.

The second report will be focused on examining why females do not enter certain industries and the challenges they have before boardroom level. The second report will be launching soon.

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Read the full report here


Business in the Community released an extensive survey including 24,457 respondents as part of their Race At Work campaign.
Click here to read their findings


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