GIFTED is an audacious fashion and arts initiative created to tackle diversity issues with these industries. The networking initiative was launched in 2008 and held annually to coincide with London 2012. The event is marketed to and attracts an ethnically diverse and young audience between the age of 16 -35.

We aim to Establish links with organisations to effectively target underrepresented groups, young people interested in fashion, as well as at risk and dissatisfied young people. Goal is to inspire and involve young people through participation, whilst at the same time enhancing their learning, soft skills and personal development through the concept of networking.

GIFTED seeks to inspire and promote LondonĀ“s diversity through the medium of fashion, embracing the values of:

- Excellence – as an organisation / brand

- Respect and friendship – amongst participants and through embracing diversity

- Empowerment – demonstrating that young people can make their dreams come true

For more information on GIFTED please drop as an email at:

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