CASE STUDY: Deloitte Advance Mentoring Programme

The Deloitte Advance Mentoring Programme is a 6-month mentoring programme.  Elevation networks partnered with Deloitte, one of the UK´s top four accounting firms to give female undergraduates, in their first or penultimate year of university the opportunity to be mentored by female professionals at Deloitte. The first cycle launched in September 2011.


Michaela Moran is a second year student studying Financial Mathematics at Loughborough University.

With guidance and advice from her mentor, she was able to successfully get into the placement scheme at Deloitte. She said that the mentoring programme has played a key role in her acquiring the placement.


Have a read of our interview with her:

What has been your highlight so far with in taking part in the Deloitte Mentoring Programme?
The Deloitte Mentoring Programme as a whole has been an extremely valuable experience, but if I had to highlight a part it would be the great relationship I formed with my mentor and then landing a place on their summer vacation scheme. My mentor and I continue to stay in contact and through numerous emails, meetings and phone calls I have got to know her well. When I started the scheme I wasn´t sure how it would turn out so it is nice to know I have gained what I hope to be a long lasting relationship from it.


Do you think you would have applied for an internship with Deloitte if you had not taken part in the Mentoring Programme?
I would have applied for an internship at Deloitte even if I hadn´t taken part in the Mentoring programme as a Professional Services career in particular with Deloitte was of great interest to me. However, the mentoring programme definitely gave me more confidence in my application.

How do you think taking part in the Deloitte Mentoring Programme helped you obtain your placement?
The Deloitte Mentoring Programme gave me a lot of confidence throughout every stage of the application process as I knew that I had the support of my mentor every step of the way. Talking to someone who worked at Deloitte was very beneficial, it gave me an insight into the company and the roles involved in professional services that I would have been unable to get just through research of the company´s website. My mentor gave me advice for interviews and helped me focus my skills into areas targeted by Deloitte. In addition, mentioning my participation in the scheme was a good topic of conversation in the interview and demonstrated to Deloitte my level of commitment to their company.


What are your words of wisdom for fellow students wishing to take part in the programme and go on to get an internship with Deloitte?
Any students wishing to work for Deloitte one day or work within the Professional Services sector should not hesitate in applying for such a great opportunity. However, they must know that in this scheme they will get as much out of it as they are willing to put in. The relationship with the mentor works two ways and they cannot expect to gain an internship or job just through association, there is still a lot of work to be done and they must be committed. If they do this, they will not only achieve the job they want but also have built a strong and valuable relationship that will last them a lifetime.


“I have built a great relationship with my mentor, received valuable application and interview tips and I have secured an internship with Deloitte this summer.” – Michaela

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