We provide students with key skills and one on one support.

"Your employability is your job security, not the job itself."

As an EN Fellow you can access our workshops and skills training. If you have made an application to one of our partner employers we can provide additional support and coaching.

At Elevation Networks we believe that confidence is the stimulus for a successful future. With the right attitude, confidence and ambition to succeed the sky is your limit. It is our aim to give every young person, whether they are a current student, recent graduate, long term unemployed or NEETs, the confidence to live their dream.

We believe in helping and shaping talent by honing in on the skills the individual already possesses through personal development and training. Our employability training and support can be the catalyst for an individual that wants to go on to achieve bigger and better things but is not necessarily well-equipped to do so.

Employers are looking for more than just your academic attainment, as a prospective candidate you need to demonstrate skills and competencies outside of the classroom. Follow the links below to find out about how we can support you in increasing your employability:

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