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Elevation Networks has a range of services we offer to our clients. There are also different programmes which you can support us on. One of these programmes is the Student Leadership Development Programme (SLDP). The SLDP is a year-long programme that will support students from non-traditional backgrounds that are displaying leadership potential, but lack the necessary networks and support systems to turn their time at university into an employment outcome upon graduation.We hope to take on the top 100 university students from non-traditional backgrounds (i.e. ethnic minorities, women, and students from non-Russell Group universities), and will be giving them mentoring and training as well as other bespoke development activities. We’re now calling on organisations interested to contact us. If you are interested in partnering with us on our programmes, contact us on info@elevationnetworks.org

Other services we provide:

Recruitment & Consulting

With more than 110 Universities throughout the UK it is clear that organizations do not have the resources and capabilities to reach out to every institution within the UK. EN has the insight, knowledge and skills to contribute toward our clients becoming more diverse, dynamic and successful organisations. Using our experience, we will be able to give you advice on how to approach young people, students and graduates as well as obtaining significant results. Additionally, using our broad network, companies will be able to recruit from a more diverse pool of candidates, whilst also allowing a strong response to youth unemployment on a large scale. This could be for the company’s internships or graduate roles. We offer a unique consultancy service that helps Universities to better understand and engage with their interest groups.

Our Service includes:

  • Carrying out an internal and external situation analysis
  • Assisting with the implementation of project objectives
  • Providing additional assistance where there is a temporary increase in the management workload
  • Strategic Planning for projects

Training for students:

  • We offer a unique and interactive training service for students.
  • Helping students who want to embark on enterprise build strong business plans

Employer brand awareness

Special targeted campus campaigns, enterprise competitions, and research activities

  • Online marketing:
    • Mail shots sent to 8,000+ network members across 110 universities
    • Logo and company profile on our website
    • Dedicated series of blog posts to promote your opportunities including interviews, videos and testimonials, etc.
    • Promotion via Facebook and Twitter social networking sites
  • Networking events:
    • Helping to develop student’s soft skills: Interpersonal skills Communication skills.


With our broad network of young people and young professionals, we will be able to conduct researches into various areas you may be interested in.

    • Facilitating focus groups
    • Distribution and analysis of bespoke surveys
    • Video ethnography
    • Use of social networks for information gathering

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