EU Careers starting salary £40,000

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Whatever you think of it, the EU is incredibly important to Britain. Whether you´re angry about red tape from Brussels, interested in what it means for British business, excited about the opportunities it gives young people to work in other European countries or wondering what European countries can achieve on the environment or international crises, you are bound to have an opinion on it.

If you care about any of these things you should think about working in the EU´s institutions – the EU´s Civil Service. We want to see bright and ambitious British graduates taking up that opportunity. We need people involved who can bring a British point of view and expertise to the EU´s work.


New officials at the graduate grade can expect to take home in excess of £40,000 (paid in Euros, of course!) and those with more experience entering at higher grades could take home over £55,000. This is in addition to funding made available to help you relocate.

-Where could I work?
80 per cent of jobs are at the EU’s headquarters across Brussels and Luxembourg. Virtually everyone who´s been posted there has found these cities to be hidden gems amongst Europe’s capitals. But about one in five EU jobs are spread across the rest of Europe or across the world, for example in the European Environment Agency in Denmark

-What kind of jobs are available?

The main avenue for graduates is through an Administrator or Specialist Administrator role. These are middle-senior management grades. Administrators will be involved in making policy and Specialist Administrators use their specific specialist skills in areas such as law, economics, or translation. All of these positions are normally recruited through a selection process.

Non-graduates can apply to become `Assistants´ which are permanent positions also recruited through a selection process. These are typically support roles, working in the field of budgetary and financial affairs, personnel, or computing, but may also involve assisting with policy implementation

80% of work is conducted in English. For the remaining 20% you should be confident in French or German to A-Level standard. Don’t worry, you can receive extra training when you have the job!

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