Goodbye for now… From Samuel Kasumu

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Dear all,

We started when I was 19 years of age. Almost 3000 young people trained, and many organisations as partners later, at the age of 23 its time for me to take on a new challenge and a new cause. But the challenges that Elevation Networks was created to tackle continues. Underrepresentation of particular groups within many leading industries is still something that is an ever present in the developed world. The interdependence of this fact with wider social problems must be noticed, and as this network grows a wider conversation will be had.

So this may be the end of my personal chapter, but not the collective chapter. I for one will continue to support Barbara (the new chief executive) and Elevation Networks any way that I can as a trustee of the charity. I would like to encourage you all to see how you can also too. This network is special because it is run by and was set up by the very people that the mission was built to serve.

I´m sure we´ll all meet again soon, and I hope we all continue to do good things… tell our tale… and inspire someone else!

God bless,

Samuel Kasumu

Founder, trustee, and supporter of Elevation Networks

PS. If you still haven´t met the new head of Elevation Networks, do click here to find out more about her:


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