The Great Debate Tour

What is the Great Debate Tour?

The Great Debate Tour (GDT) is the first and largest national debate forum targeted at cultural communities on Universities campuses across the UK. The tour is a celebration of diversity and heritage as well as a forum for powerful, thought provoking discussion. With the help of a panel of experts, university students are encouraged to explore issues that our research indicates is most relevant to the audience. It is held between October and November as part of Black History Month. Societies involved in the tour include cultural and religious societies such as; African & Caribbean (ACS), Latin, Chinese, Hindu, Sikh, Islamic, and Christian societies

Why does it exist?

The purpose of the Great Debate Tour is to empower, educate and provide a platform for audience members to express their views and opinions.The Great Debate Tour creates a single conversation for students, Universities, professionals, MP’s and wider stakeholders to be involved in.

Through the Great Debate, we aim to tackle the dual issues of young ethnic minority disengagement from the mainstream political process and lack of ethnic minority political representation in national and supranational institutions.




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