I said Yes to NCS! Beth’s Story (Part 1)

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  Bethany Guest, NCS Summer 2016 young person and NCS Summer 2017 Team Mentor

Bethany Guest was a young person on our NCS programme in 2016. She then went on to work on the programme in summer 2017 as a Team Mentor. Check out part one of her amazing story below!


My Story

In summer of 2016, I took part in NCS and this was a really hard thing for me to do, I didn’t want to do this for many reasons. In early 2010 my granddad sadly passed away and this made me suffer from paranoia and anxiety around leaving the house without knowing my family was safe. I didn’t want to go to school. I suffered from this through 2010 all the way to 2016 until I finally got over it. I chose to do NCS because I couldn’t live this way anymore.


I must take the time to thank my best friend because she was the reason why I went on the programme. She told me to sign up as she did NCS in 2015 and loved it! However I had one main issue about going away on programme which was eating. I’ve had this problem from the age of 3 and I still have that today at age 19 so going on NCS made me feel uneasy as I didn’t want to be around people who wouldn’t understand or who would laugh at me. This is my story.


How did I hear about NCS?

I’ve been to many talks in the past but didn’t sign up to a lot due to health reasons and the fear of being laughed at. I needed to sign up. I wanted to do NCS but I couldn’t push myself enough to do so. It came and went in summer 2015. I knew that if I didn’t take part in summer 2016 I wouldn’t have the chance to do it ever again.


The NCS team came to visit my college and held a talk about what the programme is and how we apply to be on the programme. They showed us a presentation on what happens whilst on programme and what each of the four phases are. After the presentation I spoke to the person who came in and delivered the session and got some information. I went home and spoke to my parents and they told me that if I wanted to go and was ready they would be happy to pay for it.


What was the programme like and did I enjoy myself?

It came to the day of getting the coach to Kingswood and after I had spoken to the Nottingham elevation networks team about my issues and what I would be like on programme I was comfortable with going. On my four weeks that I was on the NCS programme I achieved so many things I didn’t think I would ever do and reached so many goals of mine. I met SO many amazing people who I’m still in contact with today! Let me tell you about what I got up to:


Phase One
This is the first week of the programme. Phase One is all about adventure and getting outside which was amazing. We did so many great things and it’s all about getting to know your team and working together. Some of my favourite memories from this phase of NCS was when did team building exercises as this really helped us get to know each one other. My highlight of week one was going on the 3G swing that they had a Kingswood!


Phase Two
So Phase Two is all about learning how to be independent and picking up new skills that you will use later in your life. We stayed at a University campus in Nottingham and thankfully had our own rooms. We took part in a lot of workshops on how to save and budget money, how to get a job and many other things that were extremely useful. We also had some talks from charities so we could get an idea of what we might do for our Social Action project in Phase Three.


Phase Three
This was a two week phase. Phase Three aka the Social Action weeks are so exciting because you spend the first week of this phase deciding on what we (as a team) were going to do together for our project. At first we had planned what we wanted to do. As a team we made plans on how to raise/help the charity that we had chosen to represent for our project. Our plans were to we raise money by doing a fun day and a car wash.


Phase Four
This took place after all the fun that we had during the programme. Phase four is when you get to go to your graduation ceremony and meet up with everyone again. We had the chance to take a look at all the hard work that you and your team had done and got to show your family/friends what you have achieved. The other fun part about graduation is that you also get to dress up and look all fancy, take lots of photos and of course you get to finally collect your certificate which is signed by the Prime Minster!


Beth’s story is truly remarkable. This is why we love our NCS Programme! Part 2 of Beth’s story will be up next week. Tune in to find out what happened after the programme, how Beth got to be a seasonal staff worker on the programme, a member of the regional youth board and more!


Written by Bethany Guest

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