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What is the Pearson  Diversity Internship Programme?

The Pearson Diversity Internship Programme is a paid eight (business) or twelve week (journalism) placement within one of Pearson´s leading companies for bright and talented graduates from black and other visible ethnic minority backgrounds.

The internship runs from June to September each year and we have over 25 spaces in a variety of business functions including: Journalism, Marketing, Publicity, Editorial (books), Sales, Internal and External Communications, Project Management, Business Administration, Legal, Finance andProduction (books).

Selected interns will be asked to work on a specific project within one of the business areas.

The aim of the programme is to prepare you for a successful career in your chosen business area or industry, and where possible to retain your talent and ability within our companies.

But it´s not all graft and no fun.

We encourage our interns socialise with one another and build long lasting supportive relationships with each other, which continue long after the end of the programme.

Award & Recognition

The programme has won acclaim and awards including Race for Opportunity´s `Widening the talent pool´ award. The programme has also been recognised in the national and industry press as an innovative and successful programme for increasing diversity in the publishing industry. Recently, we were recognised in Rate my Placement’s National Internship and Placement Awards.


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