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This year’s Living Wage Week takes place from Sunday 30th October – Saturday 5th November 2016


What is Living Wage Week?

This week is celebrated throughout the UK to raise awareness of the need for a wage that meets the cost of living. It also includes celebrating employers that enable their staff to receive the living wage. You can find a full list of employers that pay the Living Wage  here.

Living Wage Differences

London operates under a separate (usually higher) Living Wage rate. This is announced by the Mayor of London. The Living Wage for London is currently £9.75 per hour and for the UK, £8.45.

How is the week celebrated?

The Living Wage Week is celebrated through a variety of events, many of which are used to inform the public of the effects of not receiving Living Wage. Why not support the movement and find out about the list of events you can attend. 


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