Deloitte Mentoring Programme

Deloitte Mentoring Programme


For the past 4 years, Deloitte’s Multicultural Network (MCN) have worked with Elevation Networks to provide this great opportunity supporting over 60 student leaders in the past 4 years. The programme has been very successful with a significant number of the mentees going onto secure internships and graduate jobs while others are now on track with their applications.

Selected students are:
  • Peered with professional mentors currently employed by Deloitte in a preferred service lines for one-to-one mentoring
  • Equipped with the skills needed to secure an internship or graduate scheme by accessing assessment workshops and pre-employment skills training
  • Provided with a unique insight into Deloitte LLP and the realistic experience of working with a city firm
  • Showcased as aspiring high potential individuals and their successes are recognised
  • Given the chance to build and expand their professional network


REHANA LALJEE (Cycle 1) “Interactive. Confidence. Network building”

Now: About to start a job at Deloitte within Audit

“I was very satisfied with my mentor as she was always willing to help and support me especially when I was applying to Deloitte. She even offered me to shadow her on one of her clients. I met her 4 to 5 times during the scheme but exchanged emails constantly. I think the programme was excellent as it allowed me to expand my network but most of the support was from my mentor herself. I initially applied as I had an interest in Deloitte, having studied Accounting & Finance at University. I applied to the Industrial placement scheme but withdrew my application at the last stage as I got an offer from another company.

In a way, I enjoyed that there was not much structure to the programme as this gave me more leeway to discuss different topics with my mentor. The scheme also helped me gain links within Deloitte and my mentor was more than happy to read through my application – she was always there for support whether it be Deloitte related or not.

I think I gained transferrable skills, notably the ability to communicate with people in more senior positions than myself. It also helped improved my business and professional written and verbal communication as I was constantly interacting with my mentor. After taking the programme, I was a lot more proactive about my career and where I wanted to be. I also had a greater understanding of the accounting world, and had established a network that helped me get one foot in the door. I was able to have an insight into Deloitte which other applicants will not have. It definitely was a stepping stone to where I am today and I am very grateful to have been a part of the programme.”

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co Mentoring Programme

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co Mentoring Programme


This is aimed at ambitious, determined and driven students and graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in the legal sector and gives them six months access to a professional mentor.

This 6 months mentoring programme will:
  • Give you 6 months access to a professional mentor.
  • Enhance your knowledge.
  • Help you to gain insight into the life of a lawyer working at an international firm.
  • Increase your professional network.
  • Equip you with employability skills.
  • Give you an exclusive invitation to the competitive Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co assessment centre for the vacation scheme.

“Being part of the mentoring scheme and having met so many people, I already felt like part of the firm. The biggest selling point was how friendly everyone was. Every single person I met was so enthusiastic about working here, and they were always willing to keep in touch with me.”  – Selected for the graduate programme

“I would tell anyone who wants to join the programme to welcome the opportunity openly. This is a chance to find out more about your interested service line and see first-hand how your mentor feels within the firm which will help you decide if it’s fit for you. I will also advise them to maintain regular contact with their mentor throughout as it can only benefit them and also to get to know the other mentees.”

“The mentoring programme really helped me to figure out what I wanted to do and the career that worked was in line with my skills and qualities”

Barclays Mentoring Programme

Barclays Mentoring Programme


This is a 6 month programme that promises to enhance your core skill set whilst challenging you to work towards reaching your professional goals.

You will receive:
  • Insight into the finance industry
  • Once a month face to face mentoring with a Barclays Employee from the FLDP team
  • Training Workshops at Barclays Canary Wharf
  • The opportunity to build your professional network
  • A Guaranteed place at the competitive FLDP assessment centre
  • Leadership development
  • Team building and Problem Solving 

”I was surprised with how comfortable I was around the mentors and mentees. It was well informed and I’m eager to learn more about the finance industry”- Comfort

‘It exceeded my expectations in various ways. It was extremely refreshing to know that mentors had a genuine interest in mentees and were willing to help’’- Lanre

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We work with a large number of young people to support their route into employment. These groups include ethnic minorities, female students, students from low socio-economic backgrounds and students from non-Russell group universities. Research has shown that young people from these groups end up having lower success rates and low aspirations.

If you are interested in partnering with Elevation Networks to create mentoring opportunities or if you would like to sponsor one of our programmes as part of your organisation’s diversity, CSR or recruitment strategy, please detail below.


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