National Apprenticeship Week 2017

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Would you consider doing an apprenticeship? Maybe you have already decided university is not for you or not suitable for you and are looking for other routes to work?

National Apprenticeship Week is a brilliant chance for people to get a better insight in to the apprenticeship opportunities available to you in a multitude of organisations in England. The week also celebrates the success of apprenticeships and seeks to encourage more people to partake in them.


The difference between Apprenticeships and Internships

Many of us may seem to know what an apprenticeship is but we fail to recognize what makes it distinct from an internship. Internships, similar to an apprentice, give you on the job training within a particular sector of interest. What differentiates them is that internships are usually routes into work after university. Many internships require university graduates and are often shorter in duration, lasting anywhere from 4-6 months. Furthermore, not all internships are paid.

Apprenticeships are more of a direct career route due to the fact that most people who do them already know what industry they want to work in. At the end of an apprenticeship, apprentices usually get offered longer term positions within the company they have worked and trained with. They usually only allow those who are not educated at degree level to apply to them.

In contrast to internships, apprenticeships run for extensive periods and are paid, giving you the chance to learn and earn on the job. In addition to this, apprenticeships also give you a formal qualification at the end. 


Apprenticeship Opportunities

We work with a number of organisations to employ diverse talent within the professional services, public sector and finance industries. Below are the current apprenticeship opportunities available. 

Financial Conduct Authority

On Friday 10 March 2017, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Apprenticeships Insight Day will be giving students a great opportunity for to learn more about the apprenticeship opportunities they offer. Find out more about the day and how to apply here.

Civil Service Fast Track Scheme

Interested in working in government in the near future? Our Civil Service Fast Track Scheme is a two year Level 4 higher apprenticeship for those interested in creating change within their local communities. As an apprentice you will work in a number of government departments and get the chance to earn as much as £27,000 p.a. Apply here


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