National Citizen Service (NCS)


The National Citizen Service (NCS) aims to be a rite of passage for 16 and 17 year olds and to promote a more cohesive, responsible and engaged society. The NCS Programme is focused on 4 key outcomes for the young people that participate:

  • Social mixing: improving attitudes towards others from different backgrounds, strengthening and broadening social and support networks.
  • Community involvement: increasing willingness to engage and help out, acknowledge and develop an awareness of influence in their local communities.
  • Teamwork, communication and leadership: increasing confidence in meeting new people, putting forward new ideas, and trying new things.
  • Transition: facilitating the transition to adulthood and improving attitudes towards work, education and training.

NCS participants get to develop a social action project to deal with an issue in their local community which they are passionate about. This is a great programme that helps young people build skills for university, work and life, while taking on new challenges and meeting new friends.

Elevation Networks will be delivering the NCS programme for 16 and 17 year olds living, working or studying in Nottinghamshire and Hertfordshire over the next 3 years. The delivery cycles are divided into spring, summer and autumn seasons.



The National Citizen Service is divided into four phases:

  • Pre-Programme (Recruitment and Engagement): This is the introductory stage of the programme and involves registration, introduction to staff and keeping warm activities.
  • Phase 1 (Outward Bound Residential): Full-time (5 days, 4 nights) residential programme away from participants’ local community, with a focus on teamwork and outdoor physical challenges. This provides an opportunity for personal and social development through a series of physical and mental challenges to push participants out of their comfort zones.
  • Phase 2 (Community Residential): Full-time (5 days, 4 nights) residential programme based in participants’ home community, with a focus on developing new skills and serving groups in the community (one week). Teams should use a shared passion to build on their teamwork and project management skills and develop an interest in community service.
  • Phase 3 (Social Action project): Participants design a social action project in consultation with the local community lasting for a minimum of 60 hours. Each team designs a project that will deliver tangible benefit to the local community and agree a plan to deliver it. The first 30 hours will be on a full time basis over 4 or 5 consecutive days . The remaining hours will be done on a full time or part time basis. This may involve time spent on weekends and evenings if appropriate.
  • Phase 4 (Graduation): A large celebration and graduation event for participants and their guests. It is anticipated that as a final challenge young people will play a full and active part in this celebration.

Note: It is important to note that the Phase 1 and 2 of the programme for the autumn cycle is shorter. Phase 1 would last for 4 days and 3 nights, while the Phase 2 will take place on a non-residential basis over 3 consecutive days.



  • Spring (programmes starting 1st January to 30th April inclusive)
  • Summer (programmes starting 1st May to 30th August inclusive)
  • Autumn (programmes starting 1st September to 31st December inclusive)


Read about our delivery of the NCS programme over the last two years:

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Summer 2013 Nottingham

Summer 2013 Wave 2 Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead

Summer 2013 Wave 1 Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead


For more information or to register, please feel free to get in touch:

Call 0207 404 3927 or email


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