National Citizen Service (NCS)

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The National Citizen Service (NCS) is part of the Government’s vision for building a Big Society. It aims to offer 16-17 year olds the chance to gain skills, meet new people and give back to their local communities.

NCS is a voluntary four-week summer programme for 16 and 17 year-olds which aims to promote:

  • A more cohesive society by mixing participants of different backgrounds
  • A more responsible society by supporting the transition into adulthood for young people
  • A more engaged society by enabling young people to work together to create social action projects in their local communities. It is the Government’s vision that NCS will, over time, become a valued rite of passage into adulthood that all 16-year-olds will want to complete. (Source: Department for Education)

The National Citizen Service is divided into five phases.

Phase 1: Introductory phase – overview of the programme, introduction to staff and Keeping Warm activities

Phase 2: Full-time (5 nights, 4 days) residential programme away from participants’ local community, with a focus on teamwork and outdoor physical challenges (one week). This provides an opportunity for personal and social development through a series of physical and mental challenges to push participants out of their comfort zones.

Phase 3: Full-time (5 nights, 4 days) residential programme based in participants’ home community, with a focus on developing new skills and serving groups in the community (one week). Teams should use a shared passion to build on their teamwork and project management skills and develop an interest in community service.

Phase 4: Participants to design a social action project in consultation with the local community. Teams should design a project that will deliver tangible benefit to the local community and agree a plan to deliver it in around 30 hours, including time spent at weekends and evenings if appropriate, in

Phase 5: Our successful 2012 pilot identified that social action that is group designed and delivered is far more effective than simply allocating social action activities to groups.

Phase 5 onwards: A period of 30 hours social action on a part-time basis, during which the teams will deliver the project they designed in Phase 4. A fair/event to encourage participants to get involved in ongoing social action or volunteering activities in their area and sign-post them to further opportunities. A large celebration and graduation event for participants and their guests. It is anticipated that as a final challenge young people will play a full and active part in this celebration.

Elevation Networks is currently delivering the NCS programme for 16-17 year olds living, working or studying in Buckinghamshire.

We will be running the programme during Summer 2014 on the following dates:

Wave 1: 7 July-22 August 2014  plus graduation evening

Wave 2: 28 July- 29 August 2014 plus graduation evening

See what happened on previous waves of the programme:

Spring 2014 Buckinghamshire

Autumn 2013 Nottingham

Summer 2013 Nottingham

Summer 2013 Wave 2 Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead

Summer 2013 Wave 1 Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead


For more information or to register, please feel free to get in touch:

Call 01494 569 122 or email


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