National Democracy Week – Get Involved!

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Lewis Goode meets Teresa May

Lewis Goode (@LewisGoodeUK1) is a Student Leader on our Student Leadership Development Programme.

In late 2016, he volunteered in Uganda on the International Citizen Service (ICS) programme, focusing on sexual reproductive health concerns. He is currently studying Economics at the University of Coventry and is the Elected School Representative.

Here, he explains why young people should get involved with politics and why democracy is important:

Through campaigning work with incredible development charities, such as ONE and UNICEF, I have visited Parliament multiple times this year alone and met some incredible social change makers, from Robbie Williams to the Prime Minister, Theresa May. I have been given a platform to use my voice as a young person to invoke positive change.

I believe that young people should become more engaged within the formal political sphere as we are already incredibly informally engaged without realising. The growth of social media has made it far easier to do this. As young people, our future is currently being drawn up and decided by politicians who seem vastly disconnected from our generation – cue the white, middle-aged, middle-class politician stereotype.

If we want our future, and the present, to reflect what we actually want and tackle the issues that truly affect us as young people, we need to continually use our voices and energy to formally engage in politics!

Democracy is immensely important because it allows ‘the people’ to hold their leaders accountable, as well as ensuring those in power truly represent who they work for and steer the respective establishment in the popular direction.


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