Safeguarding Statement 2017

A Young Person’s safety is always at the forefront of our mind. We are committed to providing safe environment for all young people on our programme. Their experience is paramount, but not at the expense or neglect of their safety. 

The Children’s Act (2006) states that a child’s safety is every one’s concern. Please see our pledge to young people below: 

  • We will ensure that all activities are safe by risk assessing them and briefing you about any hazards to be aware of
  • We will provide first aid trained staff to ensure physical safety during all activies on the programme
  • We will listen to any concern that you have, and report it to the proper members of safeguarding staff, and only them
  • We will operate with a zero tolerance to any form of abuse
  • We will provide a safe space for you to be open about any challenges you have during the programme
  • We will carry out the necessary checks on all staff that work for and with us

Read a copy of our Safeguarding Children & Adults at Risk policy

If you have a concern about a child’s safety, you can contact the following organisations:

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