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“My friend told me that it would be a life changing experience and it was… there was nothing I did not enjoy.” – Jermaine


“NCS will certainly look good on my CV, and so increase my chances of getting hired for a job, it’s also made me a bit more adventurous and willing to try new and different things.”Emily G

“I have learnt to delegate tasks as well as how to approach team challenges as well as leadership skills. I have seen myself that a small act such as volunteering can help a lot of people.” – Abishek D

“I saw an opportunity to become more confident and meet new people. I also wanted to challenge myself and try new things that I probably won’t do again. During NCS I can see that I have become more confident and can communicate better with others.
– Harjit N


“I was really pleased that my child took part in a productive 4 week programme. It was the perfect transition from the ending of comprehensive education to beginning college A-Levels.”
– Tracey C

NCS Parents Test

“Tom enjoyed the programme. The first week set him up for an exciting and valuable 4 weeks in which he enjoyed collaborating with his team mates, learning new skills and making a contribution to the charity project.”
– Ciall H

“NCS has had a huge Impact on Katherine’s maturity and self reliance. She has learnt to speak out and make her voice heard. It has been a huge boost to her confidence. She went a little girl and left a young woman!” – Susan A

“Rebecca has really come out of her shell since her NCS trip. She has gained confidence, made several new friends, and always had a smile on her face. It has proved to be a very positive experience and I will be recommending it to others in the future.” – Anon 



“NCS is a great employment opportunity which provides a stepping stone into the world of leaders.” – Harshita

NCS Staff Test

“It’s been very enjoyable and an environment where you are constantly learning. My team bonded notably quickly which helped in making my job as staff much smoother.” – Christian

I enjoyed supporting them and seeing them grow.I have gained skills in leadership as well as encouragement by seeing so much potential in the young and helped me to see the potential in myself.” – Carl H

“Promoting youth social action is incredibly close to my heart and is a cause I spend a lot of time supporting as a volunteer in my community. NCS has definitely given me a far greater insight into the motivations of young people to play an active role in the community and a better understanding of how mentors can help them realise their potential.”  – Tony K 



“Out of 10? A definite 10! It’s such a great opportunity for participants to grow and to learn about the opportunities they have locally!” – Bite The Ballot

“Enjoyed working with the young people at the food bank. They were of great help smartening up some of the rooms we use and we had chance to speak to them about the work of the food bank.” – Hope Food Bank 

“Both groups made a great contribution which has made a significant difference to one of our services.” – Emmanuel House

“It has been invaluable to be able to include groups of young people in our charity at this time. Autism East Midlands is currently going through lots of exciting changes; such as the development of our new school site and the launch of new support hubs across the region. It’s great to get the support of young people and include them in these projects and in turn for them to be able to see the direct effect of their work.”
– Autism East Midlands


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