OPPORTUNITIES: Amos Bursary BPP Law and Business scholarships 2012

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Are you looking for a full three year scholarship to study law or business at undergraduate level,
 and are you under 20 years of age? Then this opportunity maybe for you. 
We are looking for three students to take up Amos Bursary BPP full fees 
scholarship to study either LLB Law or LLB Business Law and BSc (Hons)
Business Studies. The scholarships have been offered from one of the Top
Private Universities in the UK, BPP University of Professional Studies.
The scholarship is dependent upon students meeting the UCAS Tariff points 
300 Tariff equivalent in UK A-levels: 3 A-levels graded: BBB (plus minimum
 grade C in an English Language and Maths GCSE) and subject to the student
 being offered a place at BPP following your application to UCAS clearing.  
Background to the Amos Bursary 
The Amos Bursary was established in 2009 to assist academically able 
British boys from inner city schools in London, with family connections to
Africa and The Caribbean, realise their full potential. We provide 
support and prepare them to access top flight universities. We 
also create opportunities to prepare them for the world of work,
and to become future leaders. The people of Africa and the Caribbean
come from diverse ethnic backgrounds including African, Caribbean, Asian
and European. The Amos Bursary selects talented students who have excelled
academically while at school and have not allowed personal circumstances, or the
pressures of inner city living, cloud their vision or to hamper their dreams. We offer
 them access to opportunities to prepare them for their future careers. Where doors
are open it is our aim to find them, where doors appear closed it is our aim to open them,
 and where doors appear to not exist it is our aim to create them. 
For more information:www.amosbursary.org.uk

Apply here: Application invitation -Amos Busary

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