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Elevation Networks was successful in winning a contract with Barnet council to launch a youth focused programme.
Barnet 360* is an exciting pre employment programme aimed at young people from the community of Barnet. The main purpose of the programme is to be deployed to provide training, volunteering and move on opportunities for those who are at risk of becoming NEET or are NEET. The 360* element focuses on helping young people take control and turn their lives around in order to increase their chances of employability. Through offering the pre employment programme we aim to reduce youth unemployment within Barnet.

Each cycle is made of three components:

    The young people will develop skills in project management, time management, problem solving, creative thinking, etc. with an emphasis on developing transferable skills in order to raise their achievement s and aspirations. The training will take place at The Change Centre
    The young people will then be able to apply by volunteering through a work placement, where they will be required to apply the skills they have learnt in a practical environment. The placements helps to complement the training as participants get both the skills and experience.
    After completing their 50 hours of volunteering, young people will then be assigned a project to work towards and deliver to evaluate their skills.

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