Bloomberg is one of the leading global organisations in business and finance who focus on enabling customers to make smarter, faster, more informed business decisions. Bloomberg leads the knowledge economy, delivering the competitive edge through critical information. They connect influential decision makers across business, finance and government to a thriving network of news, data, people and ideas. They currently have 15,000 employees working for us in 192 locations around the world.

Entry-level hires receive immersive training, following by immediate challenge. You’ll present ideas in a truly flat organization: one that places you on par with experienced colleagues.

Internships offer an unparalleled combination of learning, networking and project responsibilities. Through training, seminars, internal job fairs, our senior speaker series, philanthropic events and more, you’ll gain firsthand exposure into life at Bloomberg.

Bloomberg Professional Service users form the world’s most influential financial network, spanning central and commercial banks, investment institutions, government offices and agencies, law firms, corporations and news organizations.

Recent Work

Launch your career with Bloomberg! (15th & 22nd February 2012)

A open day for graduates and undergraduates passionate about a career within finance to engage and network with professionals in order to gain insight. The open day is designed to welcome 50 students to Bloomberg offices to gain a better understanding into a finance career. Candidates will be given the opportunity to also complete the Bloomberg Assessment test, designed to connect candidates and employers.

VW meets.. Women In Finance (21st March 2012)

This informative networking afternoon was hosted by Bloomberg to provide female students and recent graduates the opportunity to find out about the different roles available within the financial sector, to hear about the career journeys of senior female professionals within the firm, and network with current Bloomberg staff, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Student BAT days

Along with all the events we have organised in partnership with Bloomberg we have also worked closely with the organisation to promote student BAT days and the BAT itself.

The Bloomberg Assessment test (BAT) aims to connect candidates with financial employers around the world. In taking the BAT students gain insight into strengths and weaknesses as relative to a career in finance while at the same time showcasing their abilities to a wide range of financial employers. After taking the BAT students have the opportunity to enter their individual profile into the Bloomberg Talent Search – a tool that over 20,000 financial employers are using to find top new talent for financial employment opportunities. Over 4,000 connections have been made between employers and students in October alone.

Case Studies and Testimonials


CASE STUDY 1: Cecilia Dosu

Cecilia Dosu graduated from School of Oriental and African Studies in 2011. Since then, she has done some volunteering for 3 months in a Bolivian orphanage. She is currently working in the HR department for a firm called Sodexo for the Olympic recruitment.

She heard about Visible Women from a friend who informed her of the VW meets Women in Finance event. After the event, she was able to secure an interview at Bloomberg. She said that attending the event enabled her “to get direct contact with the HR department” who contacted her with regards to an opening.

Cecilia is working towards a career that will enable me to have transferable knowledge and expertise that can be used in organizations that originate from developing countries.

TESTIMONIAL: Her advice for other others trying to get into the finance industry is: “I would say research the companies and keep up to date with industry news. Practice role play interviews and most of all be confident.

I have attended one so far and other Elevation Network events and they have all been so useful for my building an awareness of different companies; what they do, their culture and how I as a young female graduate can fit in. It has also been a good chance to network with people.

CASE STUDY 1: Madison Ochou

Madison Ochou found out about the event through an email from Elevation Networks. She had previously joined our network and has taken part in one of our mentoring programmes hosted by Deloitte.
Her highlight of the event was talking and asking the different women. Also finding out how women can enter the financial world and be part of the glass ceiling effect.
She is about to start an internship for a private investment boutique firm in Bangalore in India. She said the event gave her “more confidence and awareness” on what she needs to do to work in finance.

TESTIMONIAL: Word of advice: “Never give up, work hard and be aware on what you want to do in your career and how you need to go about it. And always be prepared to learn.

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