Deloitte is the second largest professional services network in the world by revenue and has 193,000 employees in more than 150 countries. In 2012, it is reported that in the U.K Deloitte has the largest number of clients amongst 250 companies.

Deloitte looks to recruit graduates into our Audit, Tax, Consulting, Corporate Finance and Technology areas. Each is a fantastic starting point for a career in business, and each gives you the chance to gain valuable commercial and technical experience – not to mention the opportunity to study for a range of professional qualifications that will help you go further in your career.

Recent Projects

Black student report

Deloitte LLP professional services sponsored “Race to the Top: the Experiences of Black Students in Higher Education”, the first in a series of reports, produced by Elevation Networks. The report looks at the experiences of particular groups from non-traditional backgrounds within Higher Education and the challenges faced by those groups in gaining employment. Black undergraduates believe there is deep rooted institutional racism in both Politics and major professions.

Mentoring Programmes

Trail blazers

Trailblazers was a new role model programme set up by Deloitte’s Multicultural Network and Elevation Networks to provide young males from ethnic minority backgrounds a role model within the firm whilst studying. The programme consisted of 1 to 1 mentoring along where mentees were assigned a specific task to work on and deliver by the end of the mentoring programme. Young male undergraduates were engaged and 8 successful candidates were short listed.

Advanced mentoring

The Deloitte Advance Mentoring Programme is a 6-month mentoring programme. Elevation networks partnered with Deloitte, one of the UK’s top four accounting firms to give female undergraduates, in their first or penultimate year of university the opportunity to be mentored by female professionals at Deloitte. The first cycle launched in September 2011. 16 female undergraduate students were short listed.

Video explaining partnership:

Case Studies & Testimonials

CASE STUDY 1: Michaela Moran

Michaela Moran is a second year student currently studying Financial Mathematics at Loughborough University.
She found out about the programme through an email she received from Elevation Networks (EN). After applying, she was shortlisted to be one of the candidates on the programme. While on the programme, she stated that she built a strong rapport with her mentor which even continued after the mentoring programme ended. When interviewed, she mentioned that she now has more confidence and improved core skills. These skills and advice from her mentor was put into her application for the Deloitte internship scheme.

Since taking part in the mentoring programme, she has now secured an internship with Deloitte which she will be starting in July 2012.

I have built a great relationship with my mentor, received valuable application and interview tips and I have secured an internship with Deloitte this summer.” – Michaela

CASE STUDY 2: Rehana Laljee

Rehana Laljee is a second year student studying Accounting and Finance at University of Bath.

She got involved with Elevation Networks since taking part in one of our previous mentoring programmes. She stated that taking part in the mentoring programme enabled her to establish a strong rapport with her mentor and build on the necessary skills. These skills and advice from her mentor was used during her application for the Deloitte placement scheme. She got through the final stage of the assessment centre at Deloitte and was offered a place on the placement scheme of another firm. The skills and advice she received from her mentor was what she applied to these applications.

She will be starting her placement at this other firm in July 2012.

make the most of your mentor, they are there to help you and it will help you have an advantage over others and also ask lots of questions.” – Rehana

CASE STUDY 4: Kunmi Soremekun

Kunmi Soremekun is a second year student studying Maths and Finance at City University, London.

She found out about the programme through one of her friends and decided to apply. After been shortlisted to take part in the programme, she met with her mentor. During programme, she stated that she was able to gain insight into the financial industry and Deloitte. She was also able to receive professional invaluable advice and support on how to stand out and be more employable. She now feels more confident about herself and working towards achieving her goals.

Taking parting in the programme I feel has helped make my CV that little bit more attractive because not everyone gets the chance to take part in such a programme in a firm like Deloitte. I also know what I need to build on in order to be a successful candidate when applying for a job in the financial sector.” – Kunmi


They should definitely join the scheme but must remember they will only get as much out of it as the effort they put in.

Utilise your mentor, they have volunteered their time so make the most of it.

My perception of Deloitte was that it was a world class accounting firm and my mentor has supported this view through her professionalism and advice.

Simply being a part has made me more focused on achieving my long term and short term goals.

Thanks for creating this scheme as my mentor has been invaluable especially when it has come to my application for placements.

Thank you for allowing me to take part in this mentorship. I’ve learnt a lot more and feel more motivated and confident about my choice of future employment.


We’re pleased to announce that Deloitte in partnership with Elevation Networks took home the Collaboration and Partnership Award at the Race For Opportunity Annual Awards Dinner 2011. The award was given for a programme/ work aimed at addressing equality, diversity and inclusion with a focus on race, undertaken in collaboration with external stakeholders from the same and/or diverse sectors.

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