Standard Bank

An investment bank with a presence all over the world and has been in existence for over 150 years.
The graduate programmes aims to develop your skills, gain experience in different parts of the business and contribute to groundbreaking results.
From being on the program trainees gain an insight into the bank and how things work, as well as gaining hands-on, practical experience of the business. Every graduate trainee is assigned a mentor to help and advise the trainee on all aspects of the program and career. Mentors offer professional coaching to help the graduates develop a valuable network of contacts that will help them in their future career. They are a great source of information.



Visible Women partnered up with Standard Bank to offer first and second year female students a place on the Standard Bank Spring Internship Programme. The internship programme provided females insight into careers within a corporate investment bank that focuses on emerging markets. From skills training and meeting experts in a variety of fields, to shadowing people in business areas of your choice, you’ll learn how a global investment bank operates.


I think Standard Bank was incredibly hospitable in terms of sponsoring the programme and offering the opportunity to speak to senior managers and directors.
Abi Famuyibo, London School of Economics

I enjoyed every single moment at the symposium. I had the opportunity to speak to senior’s managers and also to graduates currently on their scheme. Both sets of people answered my questions and concerns, provided guidance and explained to me in great details what investment banking is all about. This helped confirm that it is definitely what I want to do. Also, and largely thanks to the graduates, I am now able to identify the specific areas I am more interested in. The whole experience was extremely beneficial for me.
Manuella Logmo, London South Bank University

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