SocialFixt Launches 6-Month Employability Building Workshop

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SocialFixt Launches 6-Month Employability Building Workshop

Start-up aimed at getting BAME applicants into creative job roles makes proactive move.


LONDON UK: Established under a year ago, SocialFixt, is a community led organisation, with the focus to fix and encourage a greater surge of entry level BAME talent into the creative industry. In 2018, they are tackling this goal by sitting; over a 6 part series, a panel of industry professionals across from a room full of a 1000+ eager to learn entry level BAME talent. The aim, being to increase the employability of existing BAME talent in the UK job market.


Across the series, the themes:

  • – Fix your CV
  • – Fix your Worth
  • – Fix the Gap (International Women’s Day)
  • – Fix your Confidence
  • – Fix Finale

Are going to be tackled by panellists, working in top organisations such as Google, BuzzFeed, Livity, Adzvice, Warner Music and Forbes.The events will take the form of advice sessions, workshops, introspective exercises and networking sessions to maximise the benefit to attendees.


Drive to set up, specifically this event, stems from a desire by founder, Mercedes F Benson: Social media Marketeer and Influencer, and the SocialFixt team to increase the amount of BAME talent in creative industry jobs across the UK from 11.4% to 21% in the next four years. This is an accomplishment they believe will begin to address wealth gaps between white and BAME graduates in the UK whilst also having long-term impact on the paltry 3% BAME representation in top roles at UK’s most influential companies.


The line-up for each event will be released two weeks prior and can be accessed via social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@socialfixt). Tickets for each event can be purchased via Eventbrite.


Ability to hold this event, is thanks to White City Place’s generosity.


SocialFixt Focus​: Honing in on Advertising & Marketing, Design, Fashion & Music we will work on these sectors and expand year by year to expand into other realms of the creative industry e,g, publishing, IT, performing and visual arts.



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