Student Leadership Development Programme: tips to make a good video pitch for your application

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Part of the application process for the Student Leadership Development Programme requires submitting a 30 second video pitch.

Here are some guidelines and tips to help you make a good and winning video pitch!


Creating your pitch

  1. Film it! All you need is a camera – this can be on your laptop webcam/film camera, even your phone. Remember to be aware of the lighting and sound. You can practice this and upload your best video. Save this somewhere you will easily remember and can access.
  2. Upload it!You can upload to YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox.
  3. Edit your settings. If you prefer, you may change the privacy settings. You may decide to set it to ‘Unlisted’ so that only those with the link can view (it won’t be publicly available). More information can be found here. Please don’t set the video as ‘private’ as we won’t be able to access it.
  4. Send! Just highlight, copy and paste the URL link to your video and include it alongside your application in the application form.


Some tips

  • Relax – we ask for a video CV because confidence and innovation are key to our EN students.
  • Enjoy it – many applicants have not ever created a video CV before. View it as a learning opportunity, rather than something to fear.
  • Be creative – 30 seconds is not long enough to tell us all the amazing work you have already achieved, so ensure you are maximizing your time. Leave the waffle at breakfast and think about the most important things you want to communicate!
  • Be confident – let your confidence speak for you and remember; you can practice with as many takes as you like! Film the CV somewhere you are comfortable, and where there is quiet. Think about your posture, clothes and eye contact.


Producing a video CV shows us you are committed to your application and willing to learn from new techniques and mediums. As EN students, you will learn how to utilise on current media and use visual techniques – this is the first step; embrace it!


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