From Twitter to Graduate Job

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twitter-logo-vector-downloadLinkedIn_logo_initials  Omotola Bamidele, BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Omotola is in her third year of study at the University of Southampton. Currently she is studying abroad at the University of Hong Kong. Having found out about the Financial Conduct Authority through our social media during her first year she took part in the FCA spring week. This led to her securing a ten-week summer internship and then a graduate role. Read below to gain an insight into her experiences!


Scrolling randomly through Twitter I saw something that peaked my interest. “Click here to apply to the Financial Conduct Authority Spring Week”. My initial thoughts were what is the FCA? With a swift google search I was thrown into the world of financial regulation. I filled out the application form, listed my motivations and didn’t think much about actually getting a response. To my surprise I got through to the phone interview stage and before I knew it I was spending a week at the FCA offices in Canary Wharf. I couldn’t wait to be surrounded by intelligent and engaging women with a world of knowledge to share.


The spring week consisted of talks, activities and shadowing opportunities. This allowed me to gain a better insight into regulation and the effects the FCA had on the British economy. To collate our understanding we were assigned to create an innovative presentation, which we would present to analysts from different departments within the FCA at the end of the week.


Fortunately for me, my team were very successful in this presentation. By doing so well, we were given a fast track placement to the assessment centre for a summer internship. Other individuals who performed well during the week were also selected for this amazing opportunity. We participated in an early selection process, before the internship applications were formally opened.


After successfully completing the process, I gained a place on the summer internship programme and spent ten weeks in the enforcement division of the FCA. This internship allowed me to acquire valuable skills and learn vast amounts from my colleagues and fellow interns. At the end of the internship, interns are assessed based on their performance, to determine their suitability for a graduate role. Although the wait was slightly nerve-wracking I was offered a graduate role, which I happily accepted.


In between finishing my degree and starting my graduate job, I am currently on a year abroad at the University of Hong Kong, where I’m taking various classes centred around my degree. During this time, I’ve been able to travel to the South Korea, Japan, Cambodia and a few other countries. Whilst travelling, I also run my own blog detailing the experiences of my exchange. This has been an incredible experience and I’ve gained so much!


So there you have it! Participating in a spring week with an industry I knew little about has carved out a career for me. I would encourage everyone who can do so to apply, as it is truly a unique and valuable experience. Never underestimate the power of social media as there are opportunities everywhere. I wouldn’t have been able to get the graduate job without this amazing charity (Elevation Networks).


Written by Omotola Bamidele

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