Union Jack Clothes stunt

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You are invited to take part in the Olympic-fuelled patriotic stunt to help raise money for charity taking place on Thursday 9 August from 11am.

Unity Marketing Limited are doing the charity shwopping clothes recycling campaign from M&S and Oxfam by attempting to build a gigantic union jack flag made entirely from old red, white and blue clothes. They will need volunteers to help make this happen.

This event will be taking place at the same time as the men´s Olympic triathlon event – where the challenge will be to start and finish the flag before the event finishes!

A nice picnic of food and drink will be provided on the day. Photography will also be taken which will be issued to national press.

This is a fun-filled event in the spirit of the Olympics. So come out, have fun and help raise some money for charity!

If you are interested, email us to register your interest as soon as possible: info@elevationnetworks.org



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