Visible Women

A women in leadership campaign, ran by students and recent grads to create a community of the aspiring, the inspired and the inspiring. It aims to allow aspiring young female from across the UK to be the driving force in challenging the underrepresentation of women in the workplace and in enterprise. Since launching in 2009, the campaign has worked with top firms including Deloitte LLP and Bloomberg to support female students in their careers through events and mentoring programmes.

  • Championing women in leadership
  • Challenging the under-representation of women in certain industries and senior management positions
  • Creating a network of mentoring and learning


Recent Work

VW ‘I Am Visible’ women’s week.

In March 2013, VW launched ‘I Am Visible week’: an annual women’s week to coincide with International Women’s Day. The week had over 450 attendees, 36 speakers, 10 events, 3 workshops, 8 partners and 14 supporters.

‘I Am Visible’ the theme of our Women’s Week was a statement of empowerment to every woman to regardless of who they are and where they are from. You don’t have to be the Chief Executive of a multi-million pound company before you can be visible. Walk out of the shadow into the limelight as your gifts and talents make room for you, whether you are still a student or already on the path of your amazing career or business.

Through themed events, training workshops and topical debate, The Visible Women Campaign is putting a spotlight on individuals, businesses and movements  all doing their bit to support women and inspire the next generation to dream without boundaries.

The week ran from the 4th to the 10th of March 2013, with 2-3 events each day focusing on various themes surrounding women, with a wider theme of ‘Aspirations, Mentoring and Role Models’ and ‘Gender Agenda’

View pictures from the week here

VW Speakers Tour

In the autumn we launched VW Speaks ‘Inspiring the Aspiring’ Tour; a unique exchange where female speakers from a wide range of backgrounds including Politics, Business, International Development, and Technology provided insight, debate and discussion on a range of topics relevant to young women in wider society and the world of work.

The inaugural theme for 2011 was ‘Inspiring the Aspiring’. VW Speaks was an opportunity to acknowledge women’s accomplishments, to inspire and encourage a new generation of women to aim higher and succeed. It is a platform for speakers to share their knowledge, their experiences, their thoughts and their achievements. It is a chance to hear first-hand from women who are pioneers, determined enthusiasts and relentless in their quest for success and impacting their generation.

Our first event on the tour “Women in Leadership: Why Now. Why Us.” hosted at the
Royal Commonwealth Society, included esteemed speakers including Carlene
Firmin MBE and Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire, Caroline Marsh and played host to over 100 young women who attended the event.

This was followed by our Global Enterprise Week event sponsored by accounting firm Deloitte, titled: ‘Women In Business: Persistence. Profit. Progress.’ Guest speakers included Ellie Patasios Vice-Chairman and Partner at Deloitte and Head of the Islington Chamber of Commerce Ronke Lawal.

This was followed in the New Year with events focused on Women In Technology and finance hosted by Bloomberg and culminated in our International Women’s Day celebration in partnership with Goldsmiths University where we had independent mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita as our keynote speaker.

Mentoring Programme

With a desire to demystify the stereotypes of the city being male-dominated, VW worked collaboratively with Deloitte to put together the Advance Mentoring Programme, specifically aimed at second year female students, who were paired with a female mentor for a 3-6 month cycle. Michaela Moran a mentee, on the first cycle of the programme and now a Deloitte Summer Intern shares her experience:

The Deloitte Advance Mentoring Programme as a whole has been an extremely valuable experience, but if I had to highlight a part it would be the great relationship I formed with my mentor and then landing a place on their summer vacation scheme. My mentor and I continue to stay in contact and through numerous emails, meetings and phone calls I have got to know her well. When I started the scheme I wasn’t sure how it would turn out so it is nice to know I have gained what I hope to be a long lasting relationship from it.


Barbara Kasumu was awarded Woman to Watch 2011 by Red Magazine for her work with the campaign and invited to be a columnist for The Telegraph’s new women’s section, “Wonder Women.”

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