Vlogstar Challenge Workshop with Media Trust

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LinkedIn_logo_initials  Tomi Ojo, Photography Graduate and Elevation Networks’s Communication Officer

Our Communications Officer, Tomi Ojo, took part in a vlogging workshop held by Media Trust last week Friday. This workshop allowed Tomi to gain tips and tricks in order to submit her application to Media Trust’s Vlogstar Challenge. Check out how her day went below!


Last Friday, I had the opportunity to visit Media Trust and take part in their Vlogging workshop that they were running. The purpose of the workshop was to learn tips and tricks in order to create a short 1 minute vlog for their Vlogstar Challenge.


I’ve created vlogs in the past but they were not on par with current vlogs on YouTube. This was going to be a new experience for me and I was really looking forward to seeing what the workshop had to offer. Heading over to White City at 10am, I walked through the doors and waited to be collected at the main reception.


Mariah, our workshop leader had a friendly and warming personality which calmed my nerves as the day was about to begin. Our first challenge of the day was to film a 10-second video of us on our phones, saying something about what we do in our spare time. I chose to talk about competitive cheerleading which was going to be my topic of the day’s activities. After we filmed our clips, we learnt 4 key tips about vlogging:


Framing – Framing is very important as you don’t want to cut yourself out of the frame, or be too off-centred within your whole video. We also learned the rule of thirds (as I photography graduate I already knew what this was – win!)

Lighting – Lighting is key as you don’t want to be facing the light and be back-lit throughout your video. We were taught that natural lighting is the best!

Focus – This wasn’t just about focusing when talking to the camera but the actual focus of the camera itself. I never knew that there was an auto-focus lock on my iPhone – you learn a new thing everyday!

Sound – When filming, it’s best to have an arm’s length gap from your face to the camera. This is so that the camera is able to pick up your voice and have the correct framing whilst recording.


After learning all this, we downloaded a video editing software on our phones and began piecing together our clips. I’m so used to editing on my MacBook so,  editing footage on my phone was a new experience. It was a bit tricky at first, but I easily got the hang of it and even went the extra mile by sourcing sound for my video.


We were coming up to the end of the day and this is where we gained more information about the Vlogstar Challenge. Mariah walked us through the application process and how we should submit our videos. The one thing that stood out to me about this challenge is the potential opportunity to visit the YouTube Space in London. The YouTube space isn’t open for anyone to walk in so already this has given me the determination to get my video uploaded and ready for the submission date.


All in all, I had a great time at this workshop. It was something new and fun for me to take part in. I learnt new skills, but most importantly I met some amazing creatives. Thank you to Media Trust for having me and I look forward to the next steps for the Vlogstar Challenge!


What is the Vlogstar Challenge?

The Vlogstar Challenge is powered by the Jack Petchey Foundation and Media Trust in partnership with YouTube and the Evening Standard. It offers 16-25 year olds across London and Essex with an exciting vlogging workshop and competition. Check out more information about it here.


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