My Week At The Financial Conduct Authority

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 Precious Boakye, Economics and Law Student, University of  Leicester


It was truly an honour to take part in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Spring Insight Week, mainly because the placement aided me in confirming the career path I wish to follow.

Upon arrival at the FCA the staff from Elevation Networks and FCA were very friendly and welcoming which made the experience even more pleasurable for me. During the week there were numerous speakers that gave us further insight in to what the FCA actually do, as well as the descriptions of various divisions within the organisation and the tasks which may be carried out. It was inspiring to hear some of the speakers’ stories about their progression in the FCA and life in general; it definitely motivated me further and confirmed that I can achieve things so long as I am hardworking, confident and consistent.

It was apparent that the FCA are doing a brilliant job in breaking social barriers and providing resources that encourage the staff to make changes in the community via volunteering programmes and educating youth about regulation!

There were opportunities where we were able to network with staff and those on the graduate scheme, who gave us advice on apply for the Summer Internship and Graduate Scheme.

My favourite part of the week was shadowing as I did this in the division that I am interested in: Financial Crime and Enforcement. I learnt so much about the specific tasks that take place day-to-day which intrigued me further. Many of the other girls were able to shadow in the divisions that were in line with their preferences; this demonstrats that Elevation Networks and the FCA were attentive to us and really tried to place us in divisions that matched our interests.

I would definitely recommend the FCA Insight Week to others, even those who do not have much interest in Financial Regulation or who don’t wish to work within the public sector. This is due to the valuable skills that were developed during activities in the insight week, which can be useful in other settings especially  interview and presentation skills.

If you’re unsure of what you wish to do in the future, attending this insight week may allow you to consider it as an option. Many of the girls that took part in the week told me that the week sparked an interest in financial regulation. The FCA Spring Week enabled me to meet lovely people on the program whom I am still in contact with and now consider as friends.

Applications are open for our FCA Spring Week this april. If you are interested in attending the week, we advise you to apply as possible.

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