What We Do

Working with companies and organisations across the UK and internationally, EN seeks to support companies and organisations to develop a strong diversity outreach and recruitment strategy to widen the talent pool. We are creating social change by working with young people both in and out of education.

Our Approach

LEADERSHIP, EMPLOYABILITY and DIVERSITY (L.E.D) are the key tenets of all the work we deliver. We realise that a one-size-fits-all approach is not suitable when wanting to reach a diverse audience and needing to show that you are in touch with what happens on the ground and passionate about contributing towards to development of the next generation is very essential. With these key tenets in mind, we seek to ensure that they are being enforced among young people. Targeting various groups, we have set a range of programmes, schemes and opportunity to match their needs in helping them to bridge the gap.

We have various programmes and opportunities available, these include: Student Leadership Development Programme(SLDP),  EN Society on Campus and  National Citizen Service(NCS)

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