Who We Are

Elevation Networks (EN) is an award winning youth employment charity that seeks to develop the leadership potential of young people to increase their employability.

EN works with young people aged 11-25 specifically focusing on groups that are traditionally underrepresented within the labour market and in certain industries. We identify these groups as ethnic minorities, women, young people from low socio-economic backgrounds, students from non-Russell group universities and young people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). We registered as a charity in 2009, and now have a charitable objective which is to relieve unemployment amongst young people.

We currently have over 8000 members, and have worked with organisations including Deloitte, IBM, BBC, London 2012, HSBC, Deloitte, Youth Justice Board, and other organisations to provide employment opportunities and training for young people. We are run by over 70 student and graduate volunteers, and 8 university societies, across the UK making us one of the largest networks of its kind.


EN Values:

Passion is a very important part of what we do. We are passionate about young people and paving way for future generations to come.

There is a spirit of Excellence in all that we do. A level of high quality is what we aim for in our projects and programmes.

We recognise the significance of Innovation in the development of an organisation.

Being initiative and creating fresh ideas will always ensure that we are one step ahead of our competitors. Integrity is a vital part of our work. Our services to young people, students, graduates or organisations are honest and reliable.

Teamwork is essential. At EN, we care about our clients and each other and ensure that each team member is utilising their potential and being supported every step of the way.



Meet the Team:

Barbara Kasumu, Chief Executive

Founding member of EN, Barbara has represented the UK globally at a number of International meetings including being part of the official delegation to the G8 and G20 summit in Canada 2010. Barbara consults and speaks on participation, employment and leadership of young people and women. She has worked extensively with government departments, NGOs and various youth initiatives across Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. In 2010 Barbara was appointed to the Diversity Inclusion Board for the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG). Barbara has a BA in Politics and a Masters in International Public Policy from University College London. Most recently Barbara was recognised as Red Magazine’s Women to Watch 2011 and invited to be a women’s business columnist for The Telegraph.



Sandra Kerr OBE, National Campaign Director, Race for Opportunity (BITC)

sandra_kerr_obe_-_race_for_opportunity_2_2_2 (2)Sandra formerly worked in the cabinet office advising on disability, race and gender. Her passion for leadership and development led her to move on to work for Race for Opportunity; a business led network of organisations committed to race equality. She currently serves as National Campaign Director where she conducts the agenda for race diversity in the UK to be a business essential. Having some background in personal development has allowed her to focus on how to develop future leaders. She strongly believes that raising the profile of senior role models from diverse backgrounds is essential to inspire future generations. Sandra is also an advocate for wider business engagement to promote the recruiting and developing of ethnic minorities.

Graham Robb, Restorative Justice
Samuel Kasumu, Director, EN Campaigns Limited 
Don Scott, Operational Risk, Universities Superannuation Scheme
Catherine Muirden, Head of HR, Foodstores, The Cooperative
Oliver Hypolite-Bishop, Policy Advisor, Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

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