American College Cricket (ACC) has teamed up with Cricket for India (CFI) to bring the love of cricket to even more people. The partnership allows ACC and CFI to join forces and work towards their shared goal of growing the sport.

This collaboration will surely be a hit with fans, as it allows organizations to offer even more resources and support for those interested in the cricket. ACC and CFI will work together to host events and tournaments and provide training and coaching to aspiring athletes.

What Officials from the Organizations Think

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Cricket for India,” said Lloyd Jodah, ACC’s founder and president. “This collaboration allows us to reach a wider audience and help even more people discover the joy of cricket.”
CFI also expressed excitement about the partnership.

“We are eager to join forces with American College Cricket and bring our shared passion for this discipline to a larger audience,” said Ravi Thakur, President of the Indian organization.

In What Areas the Work Will Be Carried Out

This negotiation is a big win for fans and players, as it will provide more opportunities to learn and play the sport. Associations are dedicated to growing the sport; this collaboration is a step toward achieving that goal.

ACC and CFI have a long history of promoting and supporting cricket in their respective regions. ACC has been dedicated to promoting the sport in American colleges and universities, while CFI has focused on growing the cricket in India. By joining forces, ACC and CFI can extend their reach and bring the love of this discipline to more people.

The partnership will also allow ACC and CFI to share resources and expertise. ACC will be able to tap into CFI’s extensive knowledge and experience in the world, while CFI will benefit from ACC’s experience promoting the sport in the United States. ACC and CFI can provide even more support and resources for aspiring athletes and their fans.

In addition to hosting events and tournaments, ACC and CFI will also work together to provide coaching and training to aspiring athletes. Both organizations have a strong track record of developing and nurturing talent, and by partnering together, they can offer even more support to those looking to improve their skills and advance in the sport.

The partnership between the two organizations is an exciting development for cricket. With these two organizations’ combined efforts, the sport will continue growing and reaching new heights.

Some Interesting Facts

Ritika Hiranandani is the co-founder and Chief Digital Architect of Cricket for India, a digital platform that has grown to reach nearly 4 million fans daily. Hiranandani is also an entrepreneur and technology strategist in the sports and fintech industries.

Under her leadership, the association has provided American college players and teams with recognition on an international level through its Facebook page and website. CFI plans to collaborate with global cricket organizations and game developers from India and the United States.

The United States, known for its love of sports such as basketball and figure skating, has become a significant player, with an estimated 30 million fans. This growth in popularity has led to the emergence of local and regional cricket leagues throughout North America, further solidifying the sport’s popularity and ability to draw millions of spectators to matches of all formats.

To inspire young Indians studying abroad to play cricket, ACC has held the National Championship in Florida annually since 2009, complete with regional tournaments. The championship’s trophy is named after and dedicated by Shiv Chanderpaul, the 2008 ICC Cricketer of the Year. Since 2016, the National Championship semi-finals and finals have been broadcasted by SONY.

The increasing popularity of this discipline in the United States has also impacted the highest levels of the cricket. The International Council, the governing body of global cricket, has chosen the United States to co-host the 2024 T20 World Cup with the West Indies. This marks the first time the sport has been considered for inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Games.